Monday, December 7, 2009

Letter to Santa

Ru is really getting into the whole Christmas thing. She loves the lights, the trees, and she REALLY loves Santa. Well, mostly, she kinda thinks most snowmen at the stores are Santa, too, but it's the same idea. ;) She gets excited when she spots him in the store windows or the big inflatable ones in ppl's yards.

We've been watching the Father Christmas video with her sometimes, and the other night she was sitting on Brian's lap, watching it for probably the third time. If you haven't seen it, it's really cute. Santa tells us what he does for the rest of the year. He goes on vacation, then comes home to piles and piles of letters to deal with. While she was watching, she grabbed a notepad from Brian's desk and wanted to color. Brian handed her a brown crayon and she proceeded to
scribble back and forth while she watched. This isn't anything particularly unusual. the surprising part was when Santa came home from vacation and started reading the kids letters, Ru took her scribbled paper and stood up on Brian's lap, reached over to the monitor and started batting the paper against the screen. She kept repeating "Santa, Santa, Santa" as she did this, so Brian and I concluded she has written her very first letter to Santa Claus, and was trying to get it to him thru the screen. I had the camera handy, so I snapped a quick picture. Because of the nature of flat screen monitors, you can't tell it's even on, so you'll just have to trust me that she was banging it against the poor Santa's face trying to get his attention.

I was all set to "engineer" the letter to Santa thing, I have a postcard I picked up at Macy's already addressed to Santa I was going to let her color on. This letter is obviously MUCH more authentic, I just hope the good St. Nick's language understanding magic extends to reading scribbles from toddlers. And don't worry, I already included a note to him asking for the letter back, because this one obviously needs to end up in the scrapbook!