Monday, September 29, 2008

Pop art photography

This is a fun set of pictures. I love how the green washes out her complexion so the cheeks and lips look so red. and I'm not even sure what color you would call her eyes.


So what sort of photoshop trickery did I use to make these? Guess again, no expensive software required.


MS paint? Picasa? Nope! I do love Picasa and could prolly replicate this effect with it, I didn't use either of them, either. Actually, I didn't alter these photos at all. You could do this with a FILM camera!


So what is my expensive light producing dodad? What website do you go to order it? Well I suppose you could go to a website, but your dollar store prolly has something similar. I took these pics in a mostly darkened room (there might be a tiny bit of light from her waterfall crib toy) with the main light source as the flash. The trick? I stuck a lime green post it note over the flash!

I got the idea from the october issue of Family Fun magazine (which I have no idea how, but I seem to have a 1 year subscription coming to me now). They suggested having another light source (flashlights, jack-o-lantern, etc) and taking the pics from a bit further away. A cool and EASY effect to play around with! :)
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just a couple pics...

I'm falling furtehr and further behind getting blog posts up. sorry. here's some pics to tide you over til I have more time to actually write something.


My wrap was in the crib when I was changing her diaper, and she grabbed it with both hands and pulled it on her head like a turban. :)


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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Freebie Word Art!

I've been meaning to use this blog for more than just family news, so I thought I'd start out with some word art that my crafty friends can use for scrapbooking, cards, etc. I put it together intending to be able to use my cricut to cut, and I'm hoping one of my SCAL friends (or someone with more inkscape skills than I) can convert it from this jpg to an svg file for me.

So here ya go, it's titled simply "it's cold out there" inspired by our 6:30 am walk last week. (to get it, click on the graphic which takes you to a large image on a seperate page. Then right click and "save image as")

If you use it for something online, I'd love a link back here. But I'll just release it to public domain this time. Free for whatever use you like!

Happy 5 month b-day Ru!




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Ru loves to sit (with support) and stand (definitely with help balancing) altho she isn't really very good at either. She is very good at looking at things and following movement with her eyes. She is also good at grabbing things and pulling them into her mouth. She likes to chew on things. She certainly still spits up and still is nowhere near sleeping thru the night. But she does sometimes now sleep thru 2 hours in a row rather than always waking up every hour.

She also has gotten to be very verbal. Obviously she is a long way from actual words, but she likes to make noises back and forth with you. She also laughs and is starting to get a bit ticklish. And she's a big girl, the doc put her in the 90th percentile at her last appt, ans she is well out of the 3-6 month sized clothes. the 6-9 month clothes are not exactly loose, either!

Monday, September 15, 2008

It was cold out!


This pic is actually from the 10th of spetember. We go walking in the mornings before school with one of my teacher friends, Lory. It was only 47 degrees out that morning! Obviously fall is on the way!

The hat was made by another school friend before Ru was born. Thanks Sandy! She was making them (much larger!) for a lot of the students last year and decided to make a little pink one for Ru, too. The sad thing...this is prolly the last time we'll be wearing it as now it is too tight! (but Ru may have a little sister someday!)
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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Taking after her uncles...

John is already cringing as he reads the title. John reads my blog. John knows what I'm talking about. So of course, I'm NOT talking about John. Just all the other uncles. (that would be Chris and Kelly, and I dunno if they read my blog. If they do, maybe they should leave me a comment!)

So here is a pic of Ru. She's about 3 months old in it. Notice the beautiful head of dark brown hair.


This is a picture of Ru from a couple of days ago. Yeah, I know, it's artsy. But it does show the current hair situation pretty well.

This is uncle Chris. He's 32 in this pic.

'Nuff said.

BTW, mom says my dark hair all fell out around 3 months, and then came back in blond. Ru does actually have some pretty thick (but short) dirty blond hair coming in on top. She currently still has the dark stuff around the sides and the back, so it looks pretty much like male pattern baldness, so much so that our friend Andrew commented on it. Fortunately for our Ru (and not her uncles) this should be a temporary thing...
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Long time no blog!

Sorry I haven't blogged all week, Ru has been a bit fussy (teething maybe) so my free time has shrunk quite a bit. but here's a couple of fun pics.

The first is Ru's first experience with grass. My walking buddy and Ru's honerary Auntie Lory brought her camera along for our walk and we went to the park. Ru REALLY wants to be able to stand. She also really wants to be able to sit. She can't do either without significant support. I think she is strong enough to sit at this point, but has quite a way to go before she will master the balancing part. She can also support herself standing for a minute or two, but then sits down. Hehe, she also has a ways to go before she grows into that hat!


this second pic I took because Ru has a fun habit of sleeping with her arms tucked under her head. It's cute. It also has allowed her to develop a flat spot on the back of her head, leaning slightly to the right. Dang. Anyway, she's also pretty cute wearing nothing but her diapy, she is such a long little kid!


I may post one more today, I'll try and get to it!
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