Thursday, August 27, 2009


We ordered a Robe for Ru a while back, since it's a kinda chilly trip from the bathroom downstairs to the bedroom upstairs. It was much to big for her tho, so I put it in the closet and forgot about it.

However, she's been growing like a summer weed, and when she found it the other day I let her try it on. It fits! (kinda) She had great fun modeling it, she really loves how soft it is and hugs it when she's not wearing it. Of course i took some pics since she was so proud to be wearing it.

The shoes, however, do NOT fit. (those are my gardening clogs)

this is gonna be great come time for Christmas pics!

OK, so maybe it's a little bit big. But that will make it great for taking more pics in a she grows, right? (and that's a hair clip in her hand, apparently she decided if it was a fashion show she ought to accessorize! :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Finally, a veggie we can agree on!

So far, I can't get Ru to eat more than a few bites of just about any veggie. Other than potatoes anyway, but those are awfully starchy. Sweet potatoes are at least a little better, altho she prefers they be in french fry form. (same with regular potatoes for that matter, altho I don't generally feed her french fries!) At home, she turns up her nose at carrots, cucumbers, green beans, peas, broccoli, and cauliflower. I'm not actually a huge fan of cooked veggies either, so I'm hoping once she gets all her teeth and can eat them fresh things will go better. At least she loves fruit.

Anyway, I stumbled upon a veggie she seems to love! Black beans!

Ok, so I don't actually know if beans count as a veggie or a protein, but I know they are really good for you so it doesn't matter. I impulsively mixed a can in with some mac and cheese (gotta get that stuff at least a little nutritional value) and was surprised when I let her feed herself. I spoon fed her both beans and noodles on the same spoon. When she fed herself, she ate the beans, and not the noodles! Cool!

They are kinda messy. I can deal with that. She does seem to prefer the "seasoned" ones rather than the plain, altho I generally rinse them unless I am adding them to something already messy like the mac and cheese.

Besides, we kinda like messy faces. They make for fun pictures.

We want YOU to eat your veggies!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

park pics

I am falling WAY behind on posting on here! I blame the new little one sucking out all my energy. Ah well, we'll be thru the first trimester in just another week or so, hopefully I'll have more energy then. In the meantime, I just pretend I have energy and keep going so I can keep up with Ru! here's som pics from one of our recent walks, we stopped to play at the park.

Ru had sunblock on her legs, and thought it was pretty cool that the little pieces of mulch stuck to her.

Yay! Mulch on the slide, too!

Ru still loves to swing!

While I've got your attention, recent developments in Ru's little life include: a much improved ability to run, and run, and run...; the comprehension skills to usually answer a yes or no question with a nod or shake of the head; the ability (or maybe inclination) to actually nod yes and mean it if I ask if she's ready for a nap or bedtime! ; 4 new teeth (the last two incisors on the bottom, and two molars on the top, those have been GREAT fun ) ; and the ability to put on and take off her beaded necklaces she got at the old fashioned festival. She also will leave hair clips in now, so we are letting her bangs grow out for now. Fun times in our Cheery-O household! :)