Sunday, June 28, 2009

Playing with family

Ru got lots of practice this week on her throwing skills. Both Uncle Chris and CJ played ball with her in the hotel room.

hehe, no family resemblance in this pic, either... ;)

Good throw kiddo! :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

a couple of beach pics

Here's a couple of Ru, she SOOO loves rocks it's not even funny. It is cute tho. ;) She loved how easy it was to find nice, smooth rocks on the beaches. In the top pic she's enjoying banging two together. (she also like the convenient "shelf" my chest made when she was ready to put one down and insepct the other more closely)

Here's also a couple pics of my family and I. I'm sure I don't look anything like any of them... ;)

The first is my older brother Chris, me, and my younger bro, John. There's 2 years between each of us.
This one is Marvin (mom's fiance), my Mom, and Me and Ru.

More to come...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mommy's helper

I helped Robin set up for the wedding, and one of the jobs I had was to put the sodas and waters into the half barrels. Ru has recently been working on "in" and "out", and "open" and "shut". She enjoyed putting the water bottles "in" and often clapped after she achieved her goal.

She also enjoyed taking them back out of course. And when it was time to clean up and take our leftover waters home, she had a great time closing the cooler after each bottle I put in. (which didn't exactly help speed the process along, but was really cute! :)


I LOVE this shot of Ru! She's so funny! She was dancing with daddy and I'm not sure what was going thru her little head at this exact moment. Boogie down, girlfriend!

This next shot was Ru's first time dancing with a boy. Not that it was a real "dance" or anything, but it was funny that they were dancing together, esp as Holden wasn't willing to put down the candy long enough to dance without it. :)

All girls know the best guy to dance with is Daddy. You know he has no hidden agenda or expectations for after the dance, he's just dancing with you because he loves you. Aren't they cute together?

Family pics, Renaisansse style

Maybe by the end of this set of pics I'll have learned how to correctly spell Renaissance. Thanks goodness for spell check. Anyway, not much to add to these other than share that she would NOT smile for the camera until we let her start playing with the flower. All the pics taken before the flower have her looking solemnly at the camera as if she hadn't been more bored in her life, ever. Maybe I should share one of those, too. Maybe later, I've still got the dancing and helping posts to go! (and yes, now that I see them I know I should have had Brian take his glasses off. I'll blame the photographer. ;)

Our little peasant girl!

Isn't she the sweetest??! We went to my high school buddy's wedding this weekend (congrats Robin!) and she had a Renaissance theme. I was a bridesmaid so my dress was chosen for me, but we took some time and internet searching to find outfits for Brian and Ru (BTW, if you need a shirt like Brian's or an outfit like Ru's, we were very pleased with the prices and service here, he custom made the shirt for Ru to match my dress.) She turned out adorable!

If you know my little girl at all, you know she loves to play in the gravel and find her favorite rocks. She's showing me a particularly wonderful one she found. (which, btw, looks exactly like all the other rocks to me. Obviously she can see something I can't... ;) This was between the ceremony and the reception, we were walking to the grange and decide to wait for Daddy to finish packing up the pack-n-play rather than walking without him.

Ru also really likes flowers, and was thrilled when she scored this GIANT flower from mommy! I'm fairly certain she's never really noticed sunflowers before, and I know she's never touched one.

More to come, and they'll prolly all come in a rush as wedding number two for the summer (my mom's) is on friday so we'll be off galavanting around the coast with my big bro Chris and his family all week. So I'll try and get the rest of these pics up today so you have something to look at all week. :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Mama's helper

Ru is well on her way to being a master gardener. She's watched me plant, tromped around in the pathways between garden beds, and sampled the glorious bounty of the harvest. Ok, well, she's eaten a couple strawberries fresh off the plant. We are a long ways from harvest time, but hopefully she will enjoy eating the fresh veggies as much as she loves to be outdoors while I'm growing them. Brian snapped some pics of her helping me water.

(and for the record, the jungle behind me is the neighbor's yard, not ours! :)

She helped me hold the hose while I watered.

But really, the hose is only as interesting as what's coming out the end.
Dunno how the veggies will go over (she's wishy washy with tomatoes right now, I'm hoping homegrown will win her over) but she LOVES strawberries, and most other fruits. She eats about 3/4 of a banana a day, and as many grapes or strawberries as I will let her have. Here's she's taste testing the first (tiny) crop of strawberries. Yummy!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Acouple of ugly critters!

For those of you without kids, there is a trend now for these dolls called Ugly dolls. Ru even has one, she picked it out herself at the toy store, and I couldn't convince her any other stuffed critter was good enough for her once she found him. Anyway, they looked simple enough to make, so since Brian was in charge of Ru on my b-day, I hid out in my craft room and made one. It turned out so good I decided to make another for a friend's b-day party. I think they are pretty cute!

They are made from fleece I had leftover from another project, and the eyes are t-shirt fabric I also had left over. I stuffed them with their own scraps, so they didn't cost me anything, and are pretty "green," too. :) I may have to make some more for our upcoming pig war celebration, there are 4 babies that will be at that party, too. :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

how about another video?

Brian was taking clips of her walking. This one is fun because you get to hear her "talking", too. And it's just cute. ;)

Kiddie pool pics!

I finally remembered to have Brian take some pics while Ru and I played in the kiddie pool! They are pretty self explanatory, remember you can click on the picture to make it bigger if you want to see her facial expressions better. :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Ruthie: the swimsuit edition...

We were getting ready to go play in our kiddie pool, so I took some pics where I could without worrying about her drowing while I was busy focusing or some such thing.

I love her funny little "wings" in her hair behind her ears right now. :) Gotta do something about those bangs soon.

Gotta get hydrated before going out in the sun. :) This body suit style suit has it's own built in sunscreen so I don't have to worry about much other than her face and wrists, ankles, etc. It does have matching swim socks, too.

What? There's nothing in my mouth mommy....really.... (fear not, it was just a larger than normal handful of cheerios)

pool pics coming soon... ;)