Saturday, May 30, 2009

Music Maker

Ru and I are getting good at remembering to take the stroller on our morning walks on Fridays (she prefers the wrap, so I do that most other days) so we can hit the garage sales! Today we scored big time, in addition to some little toys, canning jars, and a stuffed kitty, we got this wonderful keyboard! It fit on her stroller so she could actually play with it while we continued our walk, and she had a great time playing with the buttons, including the "demo" that played music. We sounded much like the ice cream man as we strolled the neighborhoods.

It is on a stand, but came with a bench as well, so when Ru starts using chairs she can play sitting down. For now she is quite happy to walk up and play a few notes every so often while she plays with the other toys in the living room, too.

Oh yeah, it has lights, too. And has some built in rhythms she can play along with. Right now she just dances to them when she finds one. She's not playing any tunes yet, but she sure looks like a natural in these pics! :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Little Picassette

Ru and I recently had our first art experience. I stripped her down and set her up with some paper and finger paint. I didn't really care too much about the final product, but figured she would have a lot of fun just squishing the paint around. It was pretty fun for both of us!

I drew her a heart and then she squished it around til there was none of my original line left.

This is when she realized there was paint on her hand. (note the other hand, unconsciously applying paint to her tummy. :)

Brian wants to title this photo: "Canary? what canary? I didn't eat any birds..." she didn't actually eat any pain, either. She didn't care for the taste (thankfully, altho it is non-toxic, that doesn't exactly mean edible) Overall the mess wasn't too bad, we went straight from our art time to bath time and the paint wiped off the tablecloth, high chair, and floor quite easily even after it dried. I'm sure more art is in our future! :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

With my Father I can go anywhere!

Ru is at a fun stage right now. She is soooo almost walking. At first she would let go of the chair and walk to me, now in the last few days she lets go of the chair and heads off in some random direction on her own. Of course, she falls down after 6-7 steps. Then she has to crawl to another place where she can pull herself up, get up her courage, and take off once again. She wants to be so independent, but just can't quite do it on her own yet. Of course, if one of us holds her hand(s), then the sky is the limit! She takes off (running even!) with total confidence that if she stumbles we'll support her and get her back on her feet so she can pick a new direction to explore.

I was cogitating on this a bit and realized this is much like me and my Father. I am pretty stubbornly independant most of the time, and I often head off on my own in some random direction. Inevitably I fall down, have to pick myself up (sometimes even crawl a little), dust myself off and figure out what direction to try next.

However, if I just remember to ask God for help, my journey goes so much smoother. He'll pick me up and dust me off, and support me as I make my way thru the world. If I stumble he'll catch me before I fall and get me off and running again. If I just remember to hold his hand and allow him to guide me just a little, then the sky is the limit for me, as well. :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Let's try a video...

My internet connection has made uploading video impossible, but I'm hoping the visit from the cable guy last monday may have fixed it. So here goes, this is from a few days ago. I had to stop it at the end because she let go and started walking to me so I needed to be able to catch her!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

More tomboy pics

Altho for the record, I don't think she's leaning any more towards tomboy or girlie girl. But I want her to know she has the opportunity for either. :) She wears dresses every sunday, and plays with rocks on weekdays... ;)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Girls like trucks, too

They are replacing the main sewer line along our street over the next few days (weeks?) and it's been pretty noisy around here. Since the corner across from us doesn't have any buildings (too close to teh tracks) they are using that to store all the equipment they need, so even tho they are currently working two blocks away, they are always coming back to the corner and moving giant chunks of cement and such around.

Tonight I decided if they were gonna park their big construction vehicles and junk in front of my house all night, that gives me the right to go play on them. Well, within reason anyways, we didn't actually climb anything. I just took some cute pics. I also took some other "industrial" type pics, but I'm gonna space out my pics so I have something to post over the next few days... :)

This one is my fave, we set her inside the wheel of the loader thingie. (just because we like trucks doesn't mean we know the proper names for them...)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I'm recruiting a doggie-sitter for Sammy, and thought I'd post some pics so they can see how big he is, etc. And as long as I'm posting, I may as well share cute baby pics, too. so here are three more from her first b-day party. She would hand the paper to Sammy as she unwrapped, then he would procede to shred it for her. Or for the recycle bin. Whatever. I'm sure he thought he was helping...