Tuesday, January 20, 2009

9 months old!

I love this dress! I guess I'd better do her height and weight, she's right around 22 lbs, I'll have to get her to hold still for her height! She is getting very good at rolling around, and walking if you hold her hands, etc. She's ready to be mobile!

She still doesn't like baby food, so we give her cheerios and other little bites of fruits, veggies, and crackers. We're still a LONG ways away from her being weaned.

Her sleep patterns are still a long ways from ideal, but we get by ok now. She's got two teeth on the bottom, and I suspect a top one is causing her trouble as we speak. (fussy fussy!) No words yet, but lots and lots of babbling! :)

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mrbyerley said...

Happy 9-Month-Day, Ruthie!!! We're singing to you from Dundee! Love, Andy, Andrea, and Eliana.