Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baby is One!!

I skipped the traditional cake and went with cupcakes. I made chocolate (Brian said it would make better photos) and used a cute little frosting gun I bought on Easter clearance to decorate them. I really like how they turned out, and you could choose the level of sugar overload you wanted. The metal stand and silicon flower cupcake wrapper thingies were an impulse buy at Joannes, but I think we will get a lot of mileage out of them, I think this turned out really cute!

We didn't have a big crowd, we only invited family. John (my brother) and Misty had to work, as did Kelly, our brother in law. Larry (aka Papa, Brian's dad) was sick. So Nana and Leslie came in one car with Aurora and Zachy. Mom and Marvin came, and Auntie Judy also attended. Zachy wasn't really up for hanging out with a crowd, so poor Leslie had to hang out upstairs with him for most of the party. They left pretty soon after we finished with the cake and such, too. Mom, Marv, and Judy stuck around for another hour or so and watched Ru play with her new toys.

Ru was a champ at opening her presents! I got them started and showed her where to pull, and she tore away! Sammy wanted to help and kept getting in the pics, so we had to put him in his crate for a while. (altho I have some cute pics of him "helping", too) Ru loved all of the gifts she got, and enjoyed playing with them all afternoon. Altho, we did make her stop for her birthday cupcake...

She didn't get too horribly messy. I think the lack of great globs of frosting helped with that. she had never eaten anything quite so fragile before, and most of it ended up smooshed into crumbs and dropped on the floor. (ensuring Sammy's escape from the crate, so he could do his clean up duty) She maybe ate a third of a cupcake before she was ready to head back to her toys. She did think it was pretty tasty tho!

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Claire Hertz said...

Looks like it was a fun day - what a great cupcake display - anyone have a fork???