Friday, September 4, 2009

Ravioli and black beans?

It's a kind of odd combination, but that's what Ru and I had for dinner one day this week when Brian was late coming home from work. I didn't have the energy to cook anything for just the two of us, so I heated up a can of black beans, and some chef boyardee ravioli. Ru loved both, she almost always likes beans, and the ravioli was a big hit, too!

Note the beans are gone, still one ravioli bit to go tho. BTW, she's wearing her pj shirt from the night before, since we were playing in the water outside before dinner and she got her t-shirt all wet. So I decided rather than put it back on, I'd just toss this other shirt on for dinner and take it off for bathtime. (she was chilly or I wouldn't have bothered with a shirt at all. ;) anyway, that's why she doesn't have a bib on.

One slightly grubby, but quite happy and well fed little girl! ;)

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