Friday, April 10, 2009


Ru took two steps without holding my hand yesterday! We were playing in the living room and she was holding on to a chiar. I turned around to throw the ball for the dog, and when I turned back around to her she smiled, let go of the chair, and wobbled towards me! Of course, two steps was all she did before she fell forward (I did catch her of course) but she's getting there! :)

And of course, here's a couple photos for ya, just because I know you love them!

We got a bunch of cute summer dresses off ebay for dirt cheap ($40 for more than 15 dresses) and this is one of them. A long sleeved white onesie made it a bit warmer for our cool spring weather.

Ru loves her Teddy bear! She sleeps with him every night, and during naps. When we're awake, he never fails to bring a smile to her face when I offer him to her. He likes to sneak up on her and steal kisses, and pounce her for hugs. She loves to hug him tight and bury her face in his...and bite his nose. ;)


Claire Hertz said...
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Claire Hertz said...

Watch out - once she learns how to walk, the next thing you'll know she'll be running!

JenO said...

No doubt! She's already running while holding my hand, crazy kid! Her other new skill is to make noises with her tongue and lips while humming. lehbel-lehbel-lehbel... She really got going good during church service tonight... ;)