Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Fall, Y'all!

Pardon the title, sometimes my Oklahoma roots slip a bit. (especially when it rhymes... ;)

I haven't posted in a bit, but I haven't really taken any pics in the last couple of days. So here's some from a couple weeks ago, when we went on a walk with our friends Andrew and Sarah (also new parents) and Mitch, who was the best man at our wedding and now is career military so we don't get to see him much.

Ru got fussy in the stroller, so we ended up putting her in the snuggli (always on hand for such emergencies) and Brian carried her most of the way. In this pic Andrew is pushing his little girl in her stroller, I love the pic of the daddys (and Mitch) with the fall leaves above them...It's worth clicking thru and seeing it blown up bigger.


One disadvantage of the snuggli is it hikes Ru's pants up quite a bit, and you also can't really cover her with a blanket or anything. It was a bit nippy out and we left our hats in the diaper bag in the car (doh!) so we had to borrow a sun hat for her. We also didn't have any legwarmers with us (I LOVE legwarmers for Ru, but that's in an older post somewhere) but I did have an extra pair of my socks. So we used those instead. Here's a couple pics of her in one of her not-so-fine fashion moments.



Hehe, she's still pretty cute tho!
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