Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Friday!

I still haven't taken any new pictures. I know, I'm a slacker, but I will get some tomorrow since she's 7 months old now! (It's possible I'll find time today...I make no promises!)

So to tide you over, here's a fun story and some totally non-related pics.

Today Ru was playing in her activity center and I was checking my email. She started yelling like she was mad at me, so I turned around to give her some attention. But she wasn't looking at me. She was looking at Sammy. With her teething ring in HIS mouth. And she was yelling at HIM! ;) Which is good, since I hadn't heard him steal it from her, he might have got away with it otherwise.

It's good to know she realizes that while he is her best bud and he's funny and can already walk and jump and all that, he still has to keep his jaws off her toys! :)



I dunno what's up with the stupid easter inflatable in the background. You pretty much couldn't avoid getting the inflatables in the pictures (I cropped them out of the cornstalk one) because they had so many of them set up.
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