Friday, November 7, 2008

Uncle John

Continuing with posting some old pics til I get around to taking some new...

My not-so-little-anymore brother and his girlfriend came to visit a few weeks ago. (only saying the not so little part because when I referred to him as my "little brother" than revealed his age to my youth group kids, they all were annoyed that I would call anyone older than a teenager "little") I went upstairs to grab something and left Ru on the floor with them in the living room. When I came back down Misty was in the process of settling Ru on John's lap. After an awkward moment of trying to hold her reclined (because she hates that right now and fights to sit up) we got them comfy with her on his knee. I love the contrast of John-boy's usual black/dark clothing and Ru's colorful stripes! :)


My apologies for that one, not the best pic. At least I fixed the red eye.


I guess with having a truly little girl now, I should prolly stop calling him my little brother. Some habits are hard to break! ;)
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