Saturday, June 6, 2009

Acouple of ugly critters!

For those of you without kids, there is a trend now for these dolls called Ugly dolls. Ru even has one, she picked it out herself at the toy store, and I couldn't convince her any other stuffed critter was good enough for her once she found him. Anyway, they looked simple enough to make, so since Brian was in charge of Ru on my b-day, I hid out in my craft room and made one. It turned out so good I decided to make another for a friend's b-day party. I think they are pretty cute!

They are made from fleece I had leftover from another project, and the eyes are t-shirt fabric I also had left over. I stuffed them with their own scraps, so they didn't cost me anything, and are pretty "green," too. :) I may have to make some more for our upcoming pig war celebration, there are 4 babies that will be at that party, too. :)

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