Sunday, June 21, 2009

Our little peasant girl!

Isn't she the sweetest??! We went to my high school buddy's wedding this weekend (congrats Robin!) and she had a Renaissance theme. I was a bridesmaid so my dress was chosen for me, but we took some time and internet searching to find outfits for Brian and Ru (BTW, if you need a shirt like Brian's or an outfit like Ru's, we were very pleased with the prices and service here, he custom made the shirt for Ru to match my dress.) She turned out adorable!

If you know my little girl at all, you know she loves to play in the gravel and find her favorite rocks. She's showing me a particularly wonderful one she found. (which, btw, looks exactly like all the other rocks to me. Obviously she can see something I can't... ;) This was between the ceremony and the reception, we were walking to the grange and decide to wait for Daddy to finish packing up the pack-n-play rather than walking without him.

Ru also really likes flowers, and was thrilled when she scored this GIANT flower from mommy! I'm fairly certain she's never really noticed sunflowers before, and I know she's never touched one.

More to come, and they'll prolly all come in a rush as wedding number two for the summer (my mom's) is on friday so we'll be off galavanting around the coast with my big bro Chris and his family all week. So I'll try and get the rest of these pics up today so you have something to look at all week. :)

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