Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's not Halloween without a costume!

We bought Ru a Halloween costume a month or two ago when I found one on clearance at a website I shop at frequently for baby-proofing stuff. It's a good thing Ru didn't grow anymore than she did, as it only just barely fit her. It came with a cool headpeice that looked just like a doggie head, but Ru doesn't like hats and wouldn't wear it. But she doesn't mind hair bands, so I made some ears out of white felt and hot glued them to a black hairband. It worked great and she even got a couple of complements on her ears. :)

Here she is in all her canine glory! :)

She didn't care for the mittens. She usually just holds her hands up and looks at them when you put mittens on her, and we thought that would be a bit awkward for trick or treating, so we just took them off. She was much happier then. I also decorated her face a bit. We didn't have any face paint (and I didn't think of it til after the stores were out) so I just used a washable magic marker. It worked great, and came right off with a wet wipe later.

This isn't the greatest pic ever, but it's the only one I got of the back of her, with her cute little puppy dog tail showing.

And here's one of my costume, it's a play on words. (and the P doesn't actually have anything to do with me being preggers. ;)

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween, we sure did! :)

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