Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ru's first Jack-o-Lantern

Since we didn't have to spend any money on the experience (grew the pumpkin in my garden) we decided it would be fun to let Ru help make her first jack-o-lantern. We suspected she would really enjoy the pumpkin guts, and we decided we would carve something cute that she would like.

We were wrong about the pumpkin guts, while the scooping action was fun, she wasn't really into touching them at all. She preferred to use a spoon and help me remove them from the pumpkin.

Or, as the case may be, put them back in. For a while I was fighting a losing battle as she scooped them from the bowl back into the pumpkin. It was fun tho. :) She also liked to stir them in the bowl, and I did manage to catch the bowl both times she tried to dump it on the living room floor.

Of course, after touching the pumpkin guts it's necessary to wash our hands, which happens to be another of Ruthie's favorite activities.

Ruthie LOVES animals, so we decided to do a kitty jack-o-lantern. She seemed to approve, as every time she looked at it she would say "meow-meow." We took it with us to G-ma Judy's house since we don't get much (if any) trick or treat traffic at our place.