Monday, November 16, 2009

Rain, rain, go away! (just leave the puddles, please)

Our Oregon weather is well into the rainy season. Ru loves to play outside, so I got her a raincoat and some boots so she can still get out and have some fun. This was our first trip out with the jacket, altho she likes the boots so she's worn them several times before.

The jacket is a little large, but she got tired of me fussing with the sleeves so I quit rolling them up. At least her little fingers can still grab important things like rocks if necessary.

The sun was fairly bright when I took the pics, but you can see the fun flowers and such on her boots as she splashes in the puddle.

We had lots of fun, she only sat down in the puddle once, which seemed to bother the mama a lot more than the kiddo. :) (I did plan ahead and had her in some pants that already had a small stain, so even if the mud doesn't wash out, no harm done). She also had fun interacting with Sammy, who was inside the fence safe from any major splashes. We walked partway around the block, but she wasn't in an exploring sort of mood, as we ended up just playing inside the car for a while before heading inside to warm up.

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