Thursday, September 4, 2008

Taking after her uncles...

John is already cringing as he reads the title. John reads my blog. John knows what I'm talking about. So of course, I'm NOT talking about John. Just all the other uncles. (that would be Chris and Kelly, and I dunno if they read my blog. If they do, maybe they should leave me a comment!)

So here is a pic of Ru. She's about 3 months old in it. Notice the beautiful head of dark brown hair.


This is a picture of Ru from a couple of days ago. Yeah, I know, it's artsy. But it does show the current hair situation pretty well.

This is uncle Chris. He's 32 in this pic.

'Nuff said.

BTW, mom says my dark hair all fell out around 3 months, and then came back in blond. Ru does actually have some pretty thick (but short) dirty blond hair coming in on top. She currently still has the dark stuff around the sides and the back, so it looks pretty much like male pattern baldness, so much so that our friend Andrew commented on it. Fortunately for our Ru (and not her uncles) this should be a temporary thing...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Jenn and Bri

what a beautiful little girl you have (so she must be taking after her aunts instead of her uncles) We have an actual internet connection now so I'll be able to check your blog out now and again.

The Duncans

Diane said...

Ha ha ha, that's a funny post.
Ru's a cutie, growing like a weed.
Shelby had lots of dark hair with red in it. Fell out and then came in blonde!