Monday, September 29, 2008

Pop art photography

This is a fun set of pictures. I love how the green washes out her complexion so the cheeks and lips look so red. and I'm not even sure what color you would call her eyes.


So what sort of photoshop trickery did I use to make these? Guess again, no expensive software required.


MS paint? Picasa? Nope! I do love Picasa and could prolly replicate this effect with it, I didn't use either of them, either. Actually, I didn't alter these photos at all. You could do this with a FILM camera!


So what is my expensive light producing dodad? What website do you go to order it? Well I suppose you could go to a website, but your dollar store prolly has something similar. I took these pics in a mostly darkened room (there might be a tiny bit of light from her waterfall crib toy) with the main light source as the flash. The trick? I stuck a lime green post it note over the flash!

I got the idea from the october issue of Family Fun magazine (which I have no idea how, but I seem to have a 1 year subscription coming to me now). They suggested having another light source (flashlights, jack-o-lantern, etc) and taking the pics from a bit further away. A cool and EASY effect to play around with! :)
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Molly said...

She's adorable:)
That's a neat little camera tip.