Thursday, September 4, 2008

Long time no blog!

Sorry I haven't blogged all week, Ru has been a bit fussy (teething maybe) so my free time has shrunk quite a bit. but here's a couple of fun pics.

The first is Ru's first experience with grass. My walking buddy and Ru's honerary Auntie Lory brought her camera along for our walk and we went to the park. Ru REALLY wants to be able to stand. She also really wants to be able to sit. She can't do either without significant support. I think she is strong enough to sit at this point, but has quite a way to go before she will master the balancing part. She can also support herself standing for a minute or two, but then sits down. Hehe, she also has a ways to go before she grows into that hat!


this second pic I took because Ru has a fun habit of sleeping with her arms tucked under her head. It's cute. It also has allowed her to develop a flat spot on the back of her head, leaning slightly to the right. Dang. Anyway, she's also pretty cute wearing nothing but her diapy, she is such a long little kid!


I may post one more today, I'll try and get to it!
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