Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Ru!

She's six months old today! Don't worry if you forgot, you can still send presents. ;) I didn't have a dress that particularly jumped out at me for pics this month, she's outgrown almost everything we have, she's wearing 12 months clothes now. Some of the 6-9 months still fits ok, but quite a bit of that has been dumped in the "too small clothes" bag to be put away. If you're shopping for christmas, I'm thinking you'd better buy the 18 months size! Anyway, here's the photos! I do absolutely love this outfit, particularly the pants. I was lukewarm about them at first, but they actually look some of my odd colored dollar tree onesies look good! ;)


As you can see, Ru is getting very good at grabbing and manipulating toys. She can usually even get them into her mouth.



She's outgrowing her carseat, too...


She can roll over from her tummy to her back, and here she's demonstrating her arch and reach move.
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