Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Resolution

Not for new years obviously, but an important one in my head that doesn't need to wait for January.

One of my big pet peeves is when people complain about something, but are not willing to do anything to change it. (particularly when someone has a problem with another person, but goes around complaining behind their back rather than go talk to them directly) I suppose it's a good time to toss in that I don't think it's fair to complain about the government if you don't vote, on the same principle. I try and pass that value on to my middle school students as well, especially when they complain about whoever is sitting next to them. I offer them the option to move, when they insist the other (annying) person should have to move I point out they are the one with the problem, so they should take control and fix it.

Anyhoo, I realized at my bunco group this month that I am doing the same thing! To a point anyway. My one "complaint" about mommyhood is the lack of sleep. Of course I knew this would happen to a point, but I also did not expect to have a 6 month old daughter that only sleeps for an hour at a time all night. We've tried all sorts of things, but I think it just comes down to her being hungry. She is still growing so fast, it's like a constant growth spurt. She drinks up to 18 ounces a night. Add to that both Daddy and I are light sleepers (and therefore she prolly is too) and we have finally given up.

She sleeps in the twin bed in the room with one of us, and NOT in her crib. That way we don't have to get up to feed her when she wakes. We keep the room dark, quiet, and feed her as much as she'll drink when she wakes. (all sorts of stuff I said I would never do...particulalry during nap times!) We are NOT willing to start solid foods yet because of the family history(s) of food allergies. We also are NOT willing to make her "cry it out." She does know how to go to sleep on her own (she did it today) without the bottle if she's not hungry.

So, if I'm not willing to make her cry it out, and I'm not willing to feed her solid foods, then I guess I'm not all that dedicated to make a change, huh? I'm open to other (reasonable) suggestions, just not those two. So...I guess I'd better stop complaining about her sleep schedule. I have a great hubby that takes a good portion of the night duty so I can sleep some, so we're still functioning and not too cranky most of the time. So I will be happy with my (usually) sweet little light sleeper and only mention her sleep schedule when someone asks. (and follow up with a kudos to daddy for helping so much!)

Oh, yeah, and here's another picture just 'cause I know you all like them. Of course, you don't get one of her sleeping I'm gonna chance the flash waking her up!

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