Monday, October 27, 2008

Our bestest girlfriend!


We have some dear friends who had the courtesy of getting pregnant shortly after us to provide a playmate for Ru. (actually, they weren't the only ones, but so far everyone else has had boys so my title works) We spent some time with them this weekend, and were pleased to see the girls interacting a bit. Since I haven't ever asked the parents how they feel about their kid's pic on the internet, I'll simply identify her as "E" for now.

Anyway, Ru and E have met before, but in the past they were both too young to really care much about another baby in the room. They did look at each other last time, but this is the first time they were reaching for each other, and the holding hands is too cute! Of course, we hope to have lots of fun play dates in the future, too!

Oh yeah, and E is about 3 months younger than Ru, altho she is also pretty big for her age, too.

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