Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Grandma's Cabbage roll (Bierocks) recipe

This was a tradtional christmas staple in my family growing up. grandma made these every Christmas eve, which is when that side of the family got together. Sadly, grandma passed away this year. Fortunately a few years back I got the recipe from her, so now I'll share it here. (my older brother requested it, so that's my main motivation for typing it up)

UPDATE: Before you jump right in, a few notes since we tried it.
--don't use an old box of hot roll mix. unless maybe you use fresh yeast instead of whats in the box.
--this makes WAY more cabbage mix than you need. I would prolly cut it down to just one, small cabbage. Aim for about 4-5 cups. I'll be eating coleslaw for a while now.
--roll your dough pretty thin

Grandma Brodhagen's cabbage rolls. (or Bierocks, pronounced beer-rocks)
1 box pillsbury hot roll mix
1 1/2 heads cabbage, shredded (more like one, small cabbage. 4-5 cups worth)
1/2 onion, shredded
1 lb hamburger meat

Prepare hot roll mix according to package, set aside to rise.
Brown hamburger.
Add cabbage and onion and simmer until cabbage is tender, remove from heat.
Roll out dough and cut into triangles, (around 3-4 inches per side I think)
Place a "decent amount" of cabbage mix on the middle of the triangle, then fold all sides up and press edges to seal. (one heaping tablespoon seemed fine, more would be good but hard to work with)
Bake in oven according to hot roll mix instructions.

These also freeze well, I know the last several years at least g-ma would make them up ahead of time and freeze them, then let them thaw and reheat them in the oven. The guys in the family liked them with hot sauce on them, I always just liked butter on mine.

Brian and I are thinking we might try making these on new years day, if we do I'll update the recipe as needed, I wasn't much of a cook when I wrote it down, so didn't catch the details such as the thickness of the dough when you roll it out, exact sizes on the triangles, and the amount of mixture to put in each triangle.

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