Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ru's first snow!

I think technically it snowed/hailed once after she was born, but while she was still in the NICU (it was a kinda freak thing in late april) but that doesn't count because she didn't get to see it.

She needed a nap after church, so she might be more excited after she wakes up from her nap. This is how excited she was when we took a couple pics before putting her down.
I do LOVE her little letterman's jacket. Strawberry shortcake, and the hood zips up if we wanted it. But we were only outside for a few minutes to take some pics, and her santa hat is pretty dang cute, too. (it says "I love santa" on it, we gotta start buttering the old man up early! ;)

I also love her green stripey legwarmers. I LOVE baby legwarmers. I tried tights once. We didn't even get to church before I'd decided I was done with them. If you're thinking about a christmas gift, babylegs brand makes some adorable ones, but I'm not stuck on that brand... ;) bonus, she won't outgrow them next week! (or ever, really, altho the won't work as tights forever! and they will have to switch to armwarmers someday...)

More pics later this week, today is her 8 month b-day plus I took some great bathtub ones last night when she had her first bath in the big tub. :)Happy Holidays!

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