Friday, March 13, 2009

Overdue for an update...

Hey, this is my 101st post! Wohoo! We should have a party or something. ;)

I'll have to upload a pic later, I finally remembered to take some new ones, but left the camera in her room and I'm hoping she'll fall asleep in there. Right now she's still making noise in her crib, but she's not crying so I guess she's just playing in there or something.

Anyway, the most recent updates...she finally caught her first cold March 1st. For the most part it was just a runny/stuffy nose accompanied with major clingyness. She does have all 4 front teeth in now, so I know it wasn't teething, nothing new seems to be popping up in the teeth dept. just yet. The cold went away after just a few days, then came back for a few more, and is all gone now. The clingyness is still alive and well tho. She's pretty silly, I'll be holding her and someone will reach for her, she grabs onto my shirt and buries her face in my chest. Never mind that the person reaching for her is DADDY! If I peel her off and hand her over she is fine, and then will sometimes do the same thing on daddy when I reach for her! We both appriciate the extra snuggles anyway, even if not being able to hand her off to just anyone isn't as convienient as before.

She still loves the swing at the park, and she loves to walk around holding our hands. She still doesn't crawl, and doesn't show much interest in the idea of learning. She has held herself up standing using her crib or a large toy a couple of times now, but she still doesn't pull herself up to standing by herself, and won't try to take steps without holding someone's hands. She loves to pull things out of boxes/baskets/bags and has learned how to feed the dog.

It is great fun to watch her brain develop, too. She is getting pretty clever, she was trying to steal a placemat at Judy's house and of course Judy was holding it in place. So Ru reached over and pulled at Judy's hand, she knew what the problem was! That same lunchtime Judy got her to eat probably an entire ounce of baby food (peaches) which is the most she had ever eaten. I've kept trying, and today she ate another ounce or so, plus she has stopped making that disgusted face when she eats. She definitely won't eat babyfood if she's not fairly hungry, so timing is everything. just a little hungry isn't enough to make the squishy stuff palateable. She can eat whole crackers by herself now. (her little bites are so cute!) I've also been giving her some dairy (carefully, there's lots of dairy allergies on Brian's side) with no ill effects so far. Altho I guess three tiny bites of cheese isn't likely to cause a reaction in anyone... ;)

Photos later...

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