Friday, March 20, 2009

On the swings again

This trip to the park turned out to be quite the adventure. When we started, I almost took the rain cover off the stroller, as the sun was shining and it was so warm. I left it on tho, and took off my hat and jacket and tossed them in the stroller basket. By the time we got to the park (about 6 blocks) it was sprinkling. I decided to go around the block and wait for that cloud to pass, rather than get Ru wet. As I finished my second lap it was still sprinkling, and picking up speed. So I decided maybe I should head for the cover of the entrance of the nearby community center.

By the time I had the stroller out of the park area it had started really raining! I jogged to the library (half a block) and Ru and I hid out in there for quite some time. She picked out board books for me to read, asked if she could pull all the books off the shelf (I said no) and then just practiced our walking skills up and down the isles. I picked out a mothering magazine, she picked out a picture book (not sure what attributes she uses to judge the spines, but she was pretty decisive when picking it out) and I also checked out a set of baby sign language books.

It was still sprinkling when we left, so I headed home. By the time I was a block from the hosue, the sun was shining again! So I kept going the three blocks to the armory park and we played on the swings there. I took lots of good pics, these are three of my faves. The last is a bit blurry, but her expression is priceless! (click on it to make it bigger, it's a funny pic! :)

She does generally love the swings tho, and is usually all smiles!

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