Tuesday, May 12, 2009

With my Father I can go anywhere!

Ru is at a fun stage right now. She is soooo almost walking. At first she would let go of the chair and walk to me, now in the last few days she lets go of the chair and heads off in some random direction on her own. Of course, she falls down after 6-7 steps. Then she has to crawl to another place where she can pull herself up, get up her courage, and take off once again. She wants to be so independent, but just can't quite do it on her own yet. Of course, if one of us holds her hand(s), then the sky is the limit! She takes off (running even!) with total confidence that if she stumbles we'll support her and get her back on her feet so she can pick a new direction to explore.

I was cogitating on this a bit and realized this is much like me and my Father. I am pretty stubbornly independant most of the time, and I often head off on my own in some random direction. Inevitably I fall down, have to pick myself up (sometimes even crawl a little), dust myself off and figure out what direction to try next.

However, if I just remember to ask God for help, my journey goes so much smoother. He'll pick me up and dust me off, and support me as I make my way thru the world. If I stumble he'll catch me before I fall and get me off and running again. If I just remember to hold his hand and allow him to guide me just a little, then the sky is the limit for me, as well. :)

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