Saturday, May 30, 2009

Music Maker

Ru and I are getting good at remembering to take the stroller on our morning walks on Fridays (she prefers the wrap, so I do that most other days) so we can hit the garage sales! Today we scored big time, in addition to some little toys, canning jars, and a stuffed kitty, we got this wonderful keyboard! It fit on her stroller so she could actually play with it while we continued our walk, and she had a great time playing with the buttons, including the "demo" that played music. We sounded much like the ice cream man as we strolled the neighborhoods.

It is on a stand, but came with a bench as well, so when Ru starts using chairs she can play sitting down. For now she is quite happy to walk up and play a few notes every so often while she plays with the other toys in the living room, too.

Oh yeah, it has lights, too. And has some built in rhythms she can play along with. Right now she just dances to them when she finds one. She's not playing any tunes yet, but she sure looks like a natural in these pics! :)

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Claire Hertz said...

Next she will be asking you for a baton to have Mommy and Daddy play along!