Thursday, May 7, 2009

Girls like trucks, too

They are replacing the main sewer line along our street over the next few days (weeks?) and it's been pretty noisy around here. Since the corner across from us doesn't have any buildings (too close to teh tracks) they are using that to store all the equipment they need, so even tho they are currently working two blocks away, they are always coming back to the corner and moving giant chunks of cement and such around.

Tonight I decided if they were gonna park their big construction vehicles and junk in front of my house all night, that gives me the right to go play on them. Well, within reason anyways, we didn't actually climb anything. I just took some cute pics. I also took some other "industrial" type pics, but I'm gonna space out my pics so I have something to post over the next few days... :)

This one is my fave, we set her inside the wheel of the loader thingie. (just because we like trucks doesn't mean we know the proper names for them...)

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