Thursday, May 21, 2009

Little Picassette

Ru and I recently had our first art experience. I stripped her down and set her up with some paper and finger paint. I didn't really care too much about the final product, but figured she would have a lot of fun just squishing the paint around. It was pretty fun for both of us!

I drew her a heart and then she squished it around til there was none of my original line left.

This is when she realized there was paint on her hand. (note the other hand, unconsciously applying paint to her tummy. :)

Brian wants to title this photo: "Canary? what canary? I didn't eat any birds..." she didn't actually eat any pain, either. She didn't care for the taste (thankfully, altho it is non-toxic, that doesn't exactly mean edible) Overall the mess wasn't too bad, we went straight from our art time to bath time and the paint wiped off the tablecloth, high chair, and floor quite easily even after it dried. I'm sure more art is in our future! :)

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