Wednesday, July 15, 2009

more pool pics

Look at me, two in one day! Ok, so I'll let you in on a little secret. Everything I've posted the last two weeks has been older pics. Not ancient by any means, but I lost my camera after we got home from mom's wedding, so I've just been catching up on some pics I had already taken and not posted. I called all the places we'd visited, searched every room in the house, and emailed all my relatives to ask if they knew where it was. I really liked that camera. Last night we finally admitted defeat and I went and bought a new camera. I'm really happy with it, it's an ultra compact (Canon powershot SD 780 IS for anyone into that sort of thing) so I can carry it around in my pocket everywhere and never miss a cute pic of Ru again. At least that's the idea. Anyways, I like it pretty well and I'm keeping it. Despite the fact that I found the old one this morning. Yes, less than 18 hours after purchasing the new one the old one showed up. Either Brian or Ru hid it in my laptop bag, which was sitting unzipped in the corner on the living room floor.

Anyway, this evening I set up another new toy, a patio umbrella I scored at a garage sale saturday, and the new hard shell kiddie pool (which, btw, already has a hole in it. Oh well, it's a slow leak). Since we had shade, I was lazy and didn't bother with a swimsuit for Ru. And since I have a spiffy new camera, I took some nakey baby pics that turned out supercute.

No, the camera didn't provide the daisies, I did those myself since I don't want creepy ppl frequenting my blog. (or at least not any additional ones... ;) She has rocks in her hands, because those are her all time favorite toys. She's not picky, so it works out well whenever we are outdoors and bored.

Banging the rocks together for the clacking noise.

Isn't this the grooviest umbrella ever!?! I totally love it! And it is in excellent shape for its age, and a score at $15. Most importantly, it works great to shade our pool.

She's so cute! I love all her little folds and wrinkles; it was all I could do not to attack her tummy with zerberts the entire time we were playing. She did slip and go all the way under for the first time tonight (fear not, my obsessive picture taking didn't keep me from catching her, but she squirmed the wrong way and there wasn't anything I could do but haul her back out right away) and she handled it like a champ! She didn't even cry, just seemed a little shocked and appalled, and I told her what a good girl she was and reassured her she was ok, and she was alright to continue playing with her rocks. :)

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Claire Hertz said...

Not sure I'm buying the old "Brian or Ru hid the camera in my laptop bag" excuse...seems like something a mom might do...

Duct tape seems like the perfect solution to the slow leak...

What a cutie!