Sunday, July 5, 2009

wedding pics

I suppose I should actually post some wedding pics to prove I wasn't just messing around down there in Coos Bay.

From left, Me, Brian, Ru, my nephew CJ, SIL Nikki, older bro Chris, mom bonnie, younger bro John, John's girlfriend Misty, and Grandma Covey. (notice my daughter is again playing with a rock... ;) Misty was awesome at the wedding, mom just kinda gave us the stuff to decorate and said go to it. Misty jumped right in and decorated the arch, made an aisle, and just generally made the place look great with little or no direction from anyone. Thanks Misty!

This was an attempt at the four generations pic, altho it didn't turn out all that good. I have another one from after the wedding I'll post later.

The lovely Bride and Groom. :) They were both quite nervous, it was pretty cute. The ceremony was VERY short, prolly 5 minutes from the time the music started til the time they headed back down the isle as man and wife. But it's all about the party afterwards, right?? ;)

Speaking of parties, a couple other memories from the trip I want to make sure I remember that don't have pics to accompany them (so I'll jot down here): We had a grand time one evening at the hotel playing apples to apples. John, Misty, Chris, CJ and I played in John's room. It's a hilarious game if you haven't played it. I shall always treasure the spunky zucchinis and friendly kilts, along with all the things Misty finds "comfortable." With all his reading problems, CJ still did better playing without his dad, so much so that he wouldn't let dad help after and we had to deal Chris in his own hand.

Ru also enjoyed Mom's giant dog daisy, who we accidentally fed pine cones. (we were trying to play fetch. who would have thunk she would just eat them?? no harm done I guess...) Brian tried to catch mom's kitchen on fire while cooking hamburgers (ok, not really, but we did have some serious flames on the jenn air grill for a few seconds!) and john actually ate the mayo! The cranberry factory was fun, John ate the bright orange cheddar cheese fudge, too. It was like a buffet line of candy samples, dangerous!

That's prolly enough randomness to keep me from forgetting those good parts. All in all it was a great experience, primarily for the family time spent with Chris, John, and our families. (Marv was a bit "under the weather," so we didn't spend as much time with him and mom as we would have liked, but we had fun with them, too!)

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