Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pool fun

My brothers and I chose to stay at a hotel with our families, primarily so the kids could play in the pool some. We didn't end up hanging out at the pool as much as we thought we would, but we did spend one evening seeing how Ru would like it. Most of the pool pics didn't turn out well, as my mom was taking the pics and was sitting too far away, with the windows behind us so we looked very dark. Brian took some while we were in the hot tub that turned out fun tho. Ru liked both the hot tub and the pool, and the temp was pretty good in both places so I didn't have to worry about her overheating or getting too cold.
Daddy caught Ru mid splash in this pic!

Almost as much fun as the pool was this cool contraption they had mounted to the wall there. You push a button and a little stream of water comes out! Even better, mommy even let Ru drink some of this water! Altho really, Ru had more fun playing in it than drinking it.

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