Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bathtime beauty

Daddy expressed hesitation when I asked if he wanted to give Ru her bath, or if I should do it. He obviously was still a bit nervous about bathing our squirmy little daughter. So I did it...and warned him he'd better watch careful as he was doing it next time.

Actually, the next time I just made him get everything ready. Then this time I got everything ready and made him wash her.

Next time he gets to do it all by himself, from start to finish. Then I'll be willing to take back over most of the time again.

Anyhoo, the nice thing about Brian doing the scrubbing is I can man the camera. :)

The white thing she's kinda holding is a bunny bath mit. We put some sort of washcloth on her chest when we bathe her to help keep her warm.

I gave up on putting her actually in the water just yet. She just poops in it. This hammock thing on the bathtub works great! We like this bathtub as it should keep us out of trouble until she's ready to be sitting in the real bathtub. Heck, it might work for us until she's ready to shower...

She doesn't love bathtime by any stretch of the imagination, but Ru doesn't really mind it to much, either. She still tends to get pretty cold, despite us steaming up the bathroom with a hot shower first, then leaving the heat lamps on and the door closed, etc. So we make sure to snuggle her really well afterwards to get her warmed back up. I love how fluffly her fine little hair gets when it's clean, and you gotta love that clean baby smell!

Oh, btw, we do NOT like the body wash in the purple bottles you can see in the picture. They are supposed to help baby go to sleep, but they are WAY too perfumey for my nose. I used it to wash my hands once and decided it would be a bad idea to actually rub it all over my baby, esp as I'm guessing she has seasonal allergies, too. So she might be allergic to smelly stuff as well.

She's so cute! I'm gonna go snuggle her now. :)
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Anonymous said...

Looove this pic. What a cutie Miss Ruthie is!!