Monday, June 30, 2008

A Happy Visit

Let me start by saying the guy on the right is NOT my hubby, it's my brother. Not that I wouldn't marry a guy like my brother I suppose, but if you have seen other pictures of my hubby you might have been confused by the transformation. Look closer and it's obvious we are related, I think the only genetic difference between me and my brother is that Y chromosome of his. ;)

Anyway, the point of my post was to say how much I enjoyed the recent visit by my aunt and uncle from Kansas. No one from KS ever seems to get up to visit us, which is surprising since OR is a great place to visit. (tourism is our number one industry, or at least it was when I was in high school. Maybe not now with gas prices keeping everyone at home!) They did come out 10 years ago when Brian and I got married. They came out this time to deliver the grandfather clock I inherited from my grandparents, and I convinced them to stay an extra day by scheduling Ru's baptism for Sunday.

If you're still studying the pic for genetic links, Sharon is my dad's sister, so she's the one I'm related too. Sadly a big genetic difference between her and her brother (my dad) is that Brodhagen metabolism. I think she ate just as much if not more than me when we went out, and I'm breastfeeding. Totally not fair.

While it would be easy to hate her for that reason alone, the truth is she is a truely wonderful person, as is her hubby Keith. Brian and I really enjoyed having them! I do hope they will visit again in another 10 years (sooner would be better!) Sharon was great with Ru, (hehe, and Keith was great with Sammy the dog) and we had many great conversations between the four of us. I was sad to see them go, and hope they have a safe and uneventful drive home. (and if you're reading this aunt Sharon, you did NOT need to leave the gas money! But I won't be sending it back... ;)

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