Monday, June 23, 2008

Sleepy Ru loves daddy

Since Brian has been home on his sabbatical, Ru has found a much better alternative to the crib. She's found Daddy is willing to hold her pretty much 24/7 as long as she is quiet and snuggly. (mama however, is as ruthless as ever (no pun intended) and still sticks her in the crib to sleep) Obviously, Ru is spending as much time as possible with her daddy. :) This arrangement works out good for Daddy as well, as he then has the perfect excuse to sit and watch videos on the computer all day. Mommy likes it too, because then I can actually get stuff done around the house. Not that Daddy doesn't when it's his turn, I just enjoy being productive, and for him it's just chores.

I also really like this arrangement because I know the days are counting down til Brian has to go back to work. I love seeing him play and snuggle with his daughter, he's a really great daddy. And I'm really happy to see them bonding and enjoying each other. I do love my little family!
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