Thursday, August 14, 2008

4 months young!

Because saying 4 months old is just kinda silly, she is nowhere near old yet! ;)

Here she is during a snack break, doing her hold-mama's-hand-play-with-my-hair thing.

I always take a pic of her on this red kid's loveseat. This time she was able to sit up with just the support of the arm. (usually I have to prop her up, zip to the camera to take the pic, then zip back as she'll be listing badly to one side by then... ;)

She also sat well on the bed with a couple pillows behind her. She certainly isn't anywhere near sitting up on her own yet, she still toppled over a couple times on the bed. She is getting good at grabbing and holding (notice she has a hold of her dress with her left hand there) and I suspect soon I won't be going a day without a hat or my hair tied back. :)
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