Tuesday, August 12, 2008

a Funny little habit

Ru has developed a kinda cute little habit recently. While she eats, she puts her right hand (if that's the side the bottle is on) on the bottle, or grasps our hand as we hold it, etc. With her left hand she grabs onto the hair on the back of her head.

She tends to let go, then grab on again, etc. It's kinda fun to watch. I don't THINK she's pulling out too much hair... ;)

Her hair has gotten a bit thinner on top, I'm not sure if it's falling out, or if it's just the same amount of hair and her head has gotten larger so it's more spread out. ;) It is getting longer, and possibly thicker around the sides and the back.

And yes, she does wear clothes other than this smart cookie onesie. I just happen to have taken the last three batches of pics while she's been wearing it! (it gets washed pretty frequently, we change it pretty quick since it does show the spit up quite a bit. There is a reason onsies don't generally come in dark colors...
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