Monday, August 4, 2008

The ten best years of my life

This weekend (Friday specifically) marks our tenth anniversary. We don't usually get too carried away with gifts, etc, but we decided to buy each other something special this year. Brian gave me permission to buy myself a Cricut, a totally cool scrapbooking tool that works like a printer, except instead of printing with ink it cuts things out. It even arrived right on our anniversary.
Brian loves wooden puzzles, so I bought 10 different ones and wrapped them individually. Then I wrote little two line poems to lead him on a treasure hunt thru the house (and yard!) to find them all.
I also ordered a Veggie Tales video for him from Ru. (Lyle the kindly viking) We have Jonah altho we haven't watched it in years. Brian loves watching videos, including cartoons, and I want to make sure he and Ru have some good stuff to watch together. (rather than some of the negative value stuff I see out there these days) Of course Ru isn't paying much attention just yet, but Brian and I enjoyed watching it. Maybe I'll make Veggie Tales videos a tradition now, because I think they are pretty dang cute. And since I understand we'll prolly be watching Ru's faves over and over and over... I should at least make sure they are videos I'll be able to handle the 438th time.
Saturday Leslie (Brian's sis), Kelly, and the kids came up to visit. Zac LOVES babies, so he has been asking to come visit. Kelly and the kids also really enjoy our high speed internet. ;) Leslie's main purpose Saturday was to take care of Ru so Brian and I could go out on the town for our anniversary dinner. We went to Red Lobster and then wandered around Washington Town Square Mall. I bought a new bathing suit on clearance and some nursing bras. Funny how a night on the town changes when you've got a baby. ;) Then we wandered up and down every isle at Dick's sporting goods so Brian could have his fair share of fun. We had quite the late night..I don't think we got home until 10:30!
We did enjoy the time together (thanks Les!) and I'm certainly looking forward to our next ten years together and the growth of our relationship and our little family!

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