Saturday, August 9, 2008

Finally, patterns!

Ru is finally starting to establish a bit of a schedule. I'll start my day at midnight since that's when I take over baby duty. She usually wakes up sometime around midnight or 1, depending on when she fell asleep. She wakes up again around 3ish, then again around 5. I generally prop a bottle in her mouth and change her diaper, then hold the bottle while she's still in her crib and she'll fall back asleep.

If she wakes up in less than an hour after 5, I bring her into the twin bed with me.

Around 8ish (depending on when she wakes up again, sometimes closer to 7) we get up and feed her, then I have breakfast while she sits in her swing and watches. Then we play some on the floor or in my lap until our friend Lory comes over. Lory and I walk while Ru snoozes in her stroller.

When we get home she usually wakes up, if not I'll let her sleep in her carseat for a while while I get some housework done, she never sleeps more than another 10-20 minutes. Then I feed her again. She generally makes two, back to back "super pooper" diapers. back to back because if I don't change during the pause, she'll overflow for sure. ;)

She then plays in her jungle gym for a while (here she's playing with daddy, I just took this pic a few minutes ago). She's getting good at grabbing things! I usually hope for a nap around 12ish so I can pump, if she hasn't fallen asleep by 1 I put her in her crib and let her wiggle in there while I pump.

She gets a bit fussy in the afternoons for a while, I think she gets gassy. So i hold her and bounce her on my leg, etc. We do tummy time, (which she hates) and more jungle gym, practice sitting on my lap, and when it gets hot she hangs out in her bouncy chair as the two of us together tend to overheat and make her fussy. ;)

Daddy gets home around 5 so I pass her off to him then and make us dinner. She usually has at least one more poopy diaper in the evening sometime. I go to bed around 8 or 9, and from what I understand she doesn't generally fall asleep again until 11 or 12.

So that's our day! We insert visits and trips out of the house as needed, I try and have her home by 4 since that's when she really tends to get fussy and hates her carseat. ;)
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