Saturday, March 21, 2009

11 months!

You might be surprised that I'm a week behind in taking her 11 month pics. If you are (surprised that is) than you're just silly, because I'm always running about a week behind these days.

This adorable crocheted dress is a 2T. It's a bit cool for our current March weather, but our Great Grandpa Maxwell's birthday is this month, and he loves white dresses. This one came from Baby Gap, which I have shopped in once, to spend a gift certificate I got at a shower (thanks Dave!) They are pretty pricey, but have some very cute stuff. I remember when I bought it (on clearance) I remember thinking it would be SUCH a long time before she could wear it. HA! Now I'm really glad they didn't have it in a smaller size.

Ru is getting good at standing if she has something to hold on to. Her crib is the only place she feels really secure, the rail is at a good height. And of course we always take a pic on the little red loveseat. When I first did this, I had to take the pic quick, before she fell over. Now I have to take it quick, because she thinks she might be able to slide off and go somewhere... :)

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Claire Hertz said...

I love the series of red chair pics - she is beautiful in her little white dress.

I've got you in my google reader now!