Thursday, July 17, 2008

3 months young!

I'm going to need to retake her three month pics, the camera batteries were dying...just dead enough the focus was a little off. I guess if you like the "soft focus" look they are great. ;) But I would like a couple of clean pics, too.

At three months she is a pro at holding her head up, and she's working on torso control now. She is aware of her hands and moves them around quite a bit, but not with much control yet. She also has enough tummy muscles she sometimes holds her legs out of the way when I change her diaper. (sometimes, and sometimes she tries to sneak her toes past me and get them yucky!) She also has just in the last few days really seemed to be aware of who I am. At least I'm not just another moving blob that feeds her. She'll quiet down when she sees me, and has started smiling sometimes in response to me and stuff I do. Unfortunately the flip side of that is she is also aware of when I'm NOT in her eyesight, and doesn't care for that much.

She isn't anywhere near sleeping thru the night. She'll sleep up to three hours on your chest, but only about 1.5 hours at a time in her crib. But at least she goes go right back to sleep after she eats and has a clean diaper on. She still doesn't like wet diapers, so the advice about not changing her diaper unless it's dirty at night isn't going to work for us. We may just have long nights ahead of us, maybe when we get to solid foods she'll sleep longer.

Hehe, on a side note, she had her first trip to the mall Wednesday. I didn't take any pictures, I don't really want her to be a mall rat anyway. ;) I did have a surprisingly good time shopping for her (I had a gift card at baby gap to spend) and I bought a crocheted white dress that is just beautiful, I never would have shelled out the money if it hadn't been on clearence. It's a size 2 tho, so it will be quite a while before she's twirling around in it. I've never been much of a shopper for myself before, but Ru is way cuter than me so it's more fun. ;) She'll also be going on her first camping trip this weekend. Should be interesting...
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rmgales said...

She's a adorable. I think the pictures are great. The dress is perfect.

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