Friday, July 11, 2008

Major Milestone Accomplishment today!

Ru and I are having a MUCH better day today. She's had her usual one super pooper moment and seems to be holding her food down a bit better. We've even played in her little jungle gym mat thing some. (altho tummy time was a bust, she was NOT in the mood for that at all!)

And we accomplished one of those milestone events that always warms a mothers heart!

Nope, not a smile, we did that long ago.

Not a laugh, we've done that in our sleep a few times.

Still working on sitting up...and we didn't roll over.

Been shopping lots of times.


I took a shower!!

I know what you're thinking, and yes, I have taken showers before. As recently as the day before yesterday. But I've always had someone to watch Ru before. I couldn't stand the thought that while the water was running I might not be able to hear a lonely Ru crying piteously from her crib. Ok, let's be realistic, I didn't want to deal with a seriously ticked off Ru baby wailing her angry wail because her needs were not met 5 seconds ago. I've met that Ru, she's not the sort you want to mess with.

So how did I leave her and take my shower today? Simple...I didn't. I took her with me! We have a very large shower stall, with two separate shower controls/heads. I got everything ready for her bath. Then I turned on the side with the hand held shower head to let the water warm up and warm the shower stall a bit. Then I got ready for my shower. (hence the lack of pictures on this post, I do want you to come back and visit my blog again someday) Then I went and got Ru from her crib and got her ready for her bath. I put her bathtub (empty) in the shower on the far side, put her in it, and tucked her in with a full sized towel. She seemed ok with this, so I went ahead and cleaned myself up. It did splatter her in the face a tiny bit and the shower head is mounted low, so I pretty much stayed on my knees the whole time. Ru watched in quiet fascination the entire time. I told her how diet and exercise could help her avoid the same fate.

When I was done I moved over to her side of the shower and bathed her just like regular, except on the floor of the shower instead of the bathroom counter top.

Then I got out and threw a towel on my hair and a bathrobe on the rest of me. I already had a couple of towels ready to dry and swaddle Ru up. Then I took her to her crib and got a clean diaper on and let her chew on the towel while I got dressed. Then I got her dressed. Tada! Two clean and sparkley girls!

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Kellie Gene said...

Whew hoo, congrats on a happy shower for both you and Ru!! I knew you were a smartie and would figure out a way that worked for the both of you.