Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A New Family Heirloom

Ru got this quilt in the mail the weekend of her baptism. It was handmade by a family friend in Kansas, she used a couple fabric scraps I sent from the nursery to pick the colors, and it turned out beautiful.

Edythe is an amazing woman. She has handmade quilts for Ru's cousins that came before her. (these would be the kids of the kids of my dad's cousins) Elyse, Elaina, Elia, Braxton, Simon, Alexa, Owen, Dane, CJ, Lily, and Kael. I don't know that I spelled them all correctly, but those are the Brodhagen cousins Ru has so far, and Edythe has made each of them a quilt. Hehe, by family friend, I meant the WHOLE family!

Edythe was best friends with my great aunt Ruth. (she obviously approves of Ruthie's name!) She used to come spend the night when aunt Ruth hosted slumber parties at her house with all my cousins. Since I'm into listing names today, that would be Michelle, Kristin, Craig, Bradley, Liz, Troy, Angie, Katrina, James, Siobhan, me, Chris, John, and occasionally James' friend (and Edythe's neighbor) Nathan. She was a great friend to Aunt Ruth and visited her in the home frequently after her strokes. She also comes to all our family gatherings, I assume her family doesn't do much. Or maybe we just throw a better party. ;)

The other truly amazing thing about Edythe and her quilts is that she is 97 years old. She's still active and drives herself around town. I think she even still volunteers at the senior center (which totally cracks me up!). And obviously she still quilts beautifully! I guess I ought to pick out a couple of my fave pics of Ru on the quilt (I like this one because she's making a funny face) and send them with the thank you card! :) We will certainly treasure the quilt as a new family heirloom, given to us by a family heirloom of the best kind. We love you Edythe!
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