Friday, May 30, 2008

Cool baby clothes site

I don't remember how the topic came up, but recently my hubby and I were suddenly concerned about if my little bro ever has kids. He does have a girlfriend, but as far as I know he's not in any rush to get married and maybe he doesn't even want kids. But if he does, they will need appropriate clothing.

My bro and his current girlfriend very rarely wear anything other than black t-shirts. I haven't ever seen a black onesie. What on earth will they do if the situation ever occurs??

Fear not, there's this cool shop called Rebel Ink Baby. All of thier toddler shirt and onsie designs come in either white, or black. And some of them are pretty dang funny. With Ruthie's recent habits, this "party in my crib, 3am" one would be very appropriate. I also love the sniff test shirt.

Maybe you could help me out! You could either go buy me cool stuff there, or take a shot at winning one for me here, at the sassyfrazz blog they are giving one away! Go leave a comment and get me a sniff test onesie or something... ;)

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