Monday, May 26, 2008

I love this outfit!

The back story to this photo is great fun. First, it's about 1:45 am. This is the third outfit she's worn in the past 30 minutes. She woke up with a VERY, VERY poopy diaper. It wasn't even diarrhea or anything. Just a rather large quantity of doodoo. I was fairly impressed since it's not like she had been working on it for that long, I had just changed her diaper an hour or so ago. I was NOT impressed with the diaper, some squished out one side at the leg, and quite a bit out the top of the back.

So that outfit came off, since I rather like that outfit and it was just the back that got hit, I set it aside to rinse in the sink before dumping it in the hamper.

Next she told me she was starving, so while I dropped the outfit off in the sink I got a bottle of breastmilk+formula ready for her. I also noted I forgot to put the extra in the fridge, so I brought that back to the nursery with me. She downed all 90 mL of the formulated stuff and another 20 of the extra. Then she spit up on herself. Not too horribly bad as far as spit ups go, but enough to get the front of her onsie all wet. No one likes to hang around in a wet onsie, so after we finished burping and I was sure she was done spitting up I decided to put on this pink striped one. It is pretty thick so I hadn't put it on her yet; I figured she would get too hot. But at the rate she's burning thru them tonight she'll prolly mess it up before that happens.

Sure enough she did spit up pretty big again when she got the hiccups, fortunately I hadn't even gotten as far as putting it on her and her head was aimed the other direction. Yeesh. Babies are juicy!
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