Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy birthday Ruthie!

It's our 1 month birthday today! Ruthie was so excited she stayed up all night last night. (ok, so maybe she hasn't a clue, but we DID stay up all night last night. I finally gave in and went on with life, gave her a bath, etc) To celebrate we slept in (A LOT), I had a chocolate brownie that a friend brought me, and Ruthie had delicious mama milk that I swear I made chocolate brownie flavored just for her. (safe claim, who else is gonna taste it and call me a liar?)
I was gonna take some of those cute naked baby pictures, you know, where the baby is on her stomach with her little baby legs tucked under her and her little tushie showing. However, she had other ideas and proceeded to squirm and squirm, grunt and wiggle, etc. Oh yeah, and pee. But I was prepared for that with a mat under the fabric I was using as a backdrop. Obviously staying up all night doesn't make us tired enough to sleep when mama wants sweet sleepy baby pics. Maybe she just needs to spend more time hanging around naked to get used to it. Or maybe I don't want to start establishing habits like that even this early... ;)

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