Saturday, May 17, 2008

So it's really hot here for the first time this year (finally summer!) and the upstairs part of our house gets pretty warm. So Ruthie and I moved downstairs during the day yesterday and today. Yesterday when I went to put a bag of milk in the freezer I found the entire top of the chest freezer just scattered with bags of milk. I thought to myself "geez, you would think mom and Brian would be a little more organized and move the food to one side and keep the milk on the other!" I'm not exagerrating, the entire top surface was COVERED with milk bags, you couldn't see any food underneath at all, and I wasn't sure where to put my one bag so the top would still close. But Ruthie was hungry so I tossed it on top and went about my day.

Today Ruthie was awake for a while and happy squeaking and cooing in her play pen bassinet thing. I was hungry and I KNOW we have food in that freezer, so I decided to organize the milk since I also know there's plenty of empty space under there. We have two crates that sit on the left side of the freezer, then a bunch of empty space on the right, and a basket that hangs on the top right. So I pulled the basket out and set it up above on the edge, and grabbed a couple of gallon sized ziplocks. Of course, the milk was frozen in whatever shape it landed, so I wasn't able to fit it in very efficiently, but it was better than just tossing it all willy nilly on the bottom of the freezer.

I got it all out of the basket, then started on the crate. I quickly discovered the top layer of milk bags was..uh....just the top layer. The tip of the breast milk iceberg if you will. I filled up SEVEN gallon ziplocks with the stuff!! Granted there's lots of airspace because of the way it stacked, but geez! It's scary how much milk there is in there! I left out a bunch of partial bottles left over from when we were still in the NICU, I figured we could use the bottles and there's lots of wasted air space there. I put the full bottles in another ziplick, there were 10 more 3 oz bottles. There's prolly at least 2 gallons of breastmilk in my freezer. Geez. Sheesh! Moo....

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