Thursday, May 15, 2008

Still not all better...

Last night I was more sore than I had been before, on the left side rather than the right. Not exactly painful, but uncomfy. I told Brian maybe I overdid it with the 3 am bath, etc the night before when Ruthie wouldn't sleep.

When I got up at about 1 am to change a diaper (or something, I don't even remember) I realized I was still pretty sore, and decided it is probably because I've been sleeping in the twin bed. Actually, the sleeping isn't the problem, it's the getting in and out of it, particularly out of bed. So while the bed is WAY more comfy, I guess I'll go back to the recliner most of the time, and save the bed for just one or two naps a day. Ugh, the recliner is not comfy on my neck. (altho it isn't stiff in the morning or anything, just hard to get comfy)

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